Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
- Leo Buscaglia

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Positive Energy

     As you might imagine, the article that appeared in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer (here's a link to it), generated a pretty significant response.  I've had quite a number of e-mails, calls, and messages from people, many of them strangers, who seemed to be touched by my project.  It's yet another reminder to me that most people are inherently good, and that kindness strikes a resonating chord inside almost all of us.
     One of the e-mails I received was from a local woman who noted that the article really spoke to her and wanted to know if I would be willing to get together with her as she really wanted to talk and compare notes.  I know from experience that it takes a certain amount of courage to reach out to a total stranger and request a meeting.  Understanding this, I try to be as approachable and accommodating as I can, and I try to respond in a personal way to everyone who writes to me.  After all, shouldn't kindness start right there - when people are actually asking for help?  I offered this woman some times that I would be available and we met this morning.
     We had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation getting to know each other and I suspect, as is most often  the case, that we both benefited from the experience.  Without trying to get too spiritual here, and without even truly trying to understand it, I do think that when like-minded people share time together, a certain type of positive, reinforcing energy is spread.  It's as if both people are strengthened in their resolve.  I suspect this is why it's so energizing to be with a group or a team or an organization where people share a common commitment.  When that commitment is to kindness, it can be powerful indeed.


  1. What I like to do is if I have extra coupons I know I won't use like Perkins coupons I give them out to families or anyone that would benefit the most from them.Some people are surprised when you do that-makes you feel good.

  2. Hey David,

    I wanted to reach out to you directly, I love what you are doing and would love to share it on our site.

    My boyfriend and I are in the midst of finalizing a documentary film wherein we traveled the country relying on strangers for a home each night. Part of the work that we are doing while we move through post is around starting a kindness community.

    We would love to get you involved or maybe even collaborate on something with you. (We live in Syracuse but Greg is from Morristown, NJ -- which is close)

    Our email address an be found on our website:

    All Good Things,
    American Bear

  3. David,
    This is a long story but I recently started my first blog to document my ucoming mission trip to Malawi Africa. We have to fund raise the trip and they had suggested that we start a blog to reach more peope and try and spark some additional intrest.I am just getting it going, but as a result of spending so much time setting it up, became a bit obsessed by blogs and bloggers...So when I opened up the paper and began to read the article about you the other day and found myself fascinated with what you are doing, I immediately went to your blog (something I didn't even know how to do a week ago)...what especially drew my attention was your comment about wanting to come along side others, seeing this as potentially becoming a non-profit...I was with a number of my friends last night and was telling one of them how intrigued I was with all of this and how I was going to follow your blog, (you see I have been trying to find a ways to meet more needs in my community and had been trying to figure out a way to gather the needs and find ways to get them addressed)...I told my friend that I was contemplating writing to you and excited about your project, even more than that, I wanted to hear more about your partnering with others and growing this idea organically...As I was speaking my friend Mike heard me mention your last name and asked if your first name was David...I said yes and he called his wife, my friend Sharyn into the room...(that's right David, I was at the Spitznagel's house!!!) Aparantly Sharyn used to work for you :)...This seems to be more than just a small world...I am passionate about serving others and I love what you are doing...I thought you would enjoy the story, I know we all did!! - Amanda :)

  4. David,

    I've been meaning to comment, but blogger & my web browser don't seem to be cooperating very well.

    Nonetheless, if this attempt to comment goes through --- Congrats on the article!! It's nice to see that the kind things get media attention as well!